Medical Plans

Medical Plans

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SIHWIT is a self-funded medical plan. Our medical plan is administered by Meritain Health. We currently utilize the Aetna network to receive discounts for our medical services.

SIHWIT offers two plans that an employee can choose from. As demonstrated by the chart below, the Grandfathered Plan A or Wellness Compliant Plan has a $750 deductible, a $30 co-pay for most doctor appointments, and most other services are covered at 90% after your deductible for all in network providers.

Plan B, which is a non-grandfathered plan, is a higher deductible plan. It has a $5000 deductible and most in network services are covered at 80% after deductible. All Wellness services are covered at 100% with no deductible applied for all in-network providers.

Plan C or Non-Wellness Compliant only applies if a covered employee chooses not to participate in the Wellness Program or does not meet the goals set by the Wellness provider. The deductible is $975 and the copayment is $39 but all other parts of the plan are like Plan A.

Our prescription plan is included in our Medical Plan. Our prescription network is CVS/Caremark.

Teledoc is a free service we offer all covered employees. It offers over the phone doctor services with no cost to the employee.

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Here is our detailed plan information.

Medical Plan A

Medical Plan B

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